For $50 a month you can support a Wayuu child in Venezuela image

For $50 a month you can support a Wayuu child in Venezuela

For $150 a month you can support local church outreach in Venezuela

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Venezuela is currently going through an economic and humanitarian crisis. Falling oil prices and government mismanagement have made it very difficult for its citizens to find basic food, medicine, and hygiene products on store shelves. With the socio-economic crisis going on in Venezuela right now, many children are skipping school. They simply don't have the money for meals, transportation, or school supplies. We've talked with our local churches there and while they confirm that the situation in Venezuela continues to get worse they maintain their faith and hope in Jesus Christ, not in their current circumstances. They have become a source of light and hope for the families of Venezuela.

By donating:

$50 / month - You can support a Wayuu child with their education and help provide their families with groceries, medicine, and transportation to school.

$150 / month - You can support local churches in Venezuela with their outreach programs. This includes feedings, bible studies, and class materials.